Reflections of a lifetime video game player.

Disappointed Idealist. Adult videogame player. Writer of words. Drinker of tea. 

Welcome to I write about games, as neither hater nor hyper. If you're tired of the endless online hyperbole, then you've found a place that might suit you better. Take a seat. Have a cuppa. Let's chat for a while.

January 15, 2019

If there'd been a wedding, there'd have been a bunch of half-drunk sceptics at a table in the corner at the reception. The table would have been covered in empty glasses and bottles, perhaps with an overflowing ashtray, the table decorations shredded into bored pieces...

January 13, 2019

A new year has arrived. I’m not really one for resolutions; on the rare occasions that I’ve made them in the past, my commitment to them has rarely lasted more than a week or two – so I don’t make them anymore. Instead I tend to just look back at what I’ve done in the...

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